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A Division of Branding and OOH Solution of Maxima Experiential Marketing

Brand is not a Product with a logo printed in definite color over it, but it’s a whole ecosystem within itself. Conversion of product into a brand is a process which requires creativity, knowledge, consistency and understanding the dynamics at each and every step.

Branding is an amalgamation of Art and science, Art which required creativity & expertise and Science which requires in Depth Knowledge & understanding.

Maxima enriched with in-depth understanding of the Life cycle of Brand and process of Branding Involves in it. 

Branding play as vital role in the Top of the Mind recall and gives an edge over the competitor brand, thus increase in the Impulsive purchase on the POS (point of sale).

Branding offers brand to communicate to the Target audiences in real time basis. An effective and efficient branding seamlessly percolates the desired communication to the End User.

We offer varied branding options to the brands based on the objective and scale required in the projected time frame and Brand guidelines. 

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