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Century Ply GIS Mapping

Retail Mobility Solution

This was a market mapping Campaign executed at multiple locations in Western India to map existing retail and trade channel as well as Identifying and Inclusion of new unconnected Trade avenues.

In This GIS mapping campaign we had use technology based mobile application progreamme which capture database in real time with pin point Accuracy.

Based on the predefined Input Parameter in the GIS mapping mobile Application platform the real time Information of the retail channel was captured and feed into the Data base on the Server.

Through This campaign not only century Ply reached to the retail channel but it also allow retailer to reach the Company in real time without any person  in Between through the Mobile based CRM application of GIS Mapping Program.


It was a tactical on ground retail mapping exercise done through mobile and tech savvy manpower (enumerators). 

Enumerators equipped with GIS mapping retail application software reached to each and every retail outlets who deals in Ply and laminates and Map trade Channel by interviewing the retail and Trade owner and feed the Data base in real time. After completing the data base enumerator Geo Tagged the retailer and installed the CRM application in the retailers Mobile to reconnect retailer to the Century ply on real time Basis to get Information the Product availability, Trade Scheme ,  Price List, New Launches, technical Specifications , Warranty , claims and consumer grievances .

Through GIS Mapping campaign we had successfully mapped 3300 retail outlet in the MP and Maharashtra and create a network of more than 2000 new retail outlet in the Data base.

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