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JK Seeds

"Tamatar ka Raja"

“Tamataar Ka Raja” was a campaign conceptualized and executed with an Objective to create a Hype In the mind of prospect TG’s.

With the campaign we had inculcate the Supremacy of JK 811 among the other competitor brands and create a top of the Mind recall at the time of Purchase.


  • Branded float

  • Tomato ( Life Size Inflatables)

  • Branded Umbrella

  • Branded flag

  • Audio and Video Aid

  • Poster and Bunting ( for retail Branding )


The Campaign crew reached at  predefined Village Location and create a Hype through Jingle and Announcement

At the predefined location the Activity arena was positioned through prefabricated elements

Life Size Inflatables covered the touch points and created the buzz and invite the TG at the activity Locations.

TG’s were engaged through the Theme Based Engagement console (Archery Based engagement)

All the participants’ farmers were rewarded by the freebies as memento of  Thanks  which would be based on the Brand property and theme of Campaign.


The Engagement Activity would be comprises of the Rotating Balloon console, which would be comprises Actual inflatable balloons depicting the local tomato along with Artificial real size Tomato which would be Branded as JK 811.

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