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Kasta Pipes

Experientail Campaign

Objective:-The Campaign Objective was to create a TOP OF  MIND  recall of the Brand KASTA by reaching the deep rural hinterland and communication with the Farmers through live demonstration of the product category and positive user experience.

Conceptual Preview

The Concept revolves around the Marketing Objective of the campaign which is to connect the Farmers at rural touch points and provide a real time Touch & Feel experience of the Product at their Door Steps in the deep Rural Hinterland of MP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Telanagana , UP,  Chattisgarh, Haryana, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Understanding the Market:- Irrigation in Crop cycle is crucial part in farming & It’s always the High time for farmers as well for the Marketers too.

Ability to cultivate multiple crop Cycle and to counter heavy Dependency of undefined Monsoon had created a new leap in the Demand of Irrigation and Micro Irrigation Products.


A Kriti industry is a Leading Manufacturer of Irrigation, Micro irrigation and Pipes & Fittings under the Brand Name of “KASTA”.

Durability, Quality, Performance, & excellent flow Characteristics are the Key features in Irrigation and Micro irrigation Products of Kasta.


The campaign covers all the Static and Dynamics Touch Point of the Rural Hinterland which comprises of:-

Static Touch point: - choupal, PanchayatBhavan, Local Shopes , Local Market, Milk collection centres. Community places and vetenary clinics and other static Touch Point

Dynamics Touch Points: - Haats, Meelas, religious Gatherings and Fairs, rural Exhibitions and Events which comprises a huge gathering of farmers Pool


Target Audience selection is based on the Socio Economic status of TG’s in rural Hinterland. It will cover up all the major TG’s in respective Geography, which Comprises of Farmers, Key opinion leaders, Sarpanchs, Influencers ,channel partners , competitors, Local Dealers, Helpers and Shopkeepers.

Tactical preview

REACH: - Reaching the Rural Touch point (Haat, Mandi&Mela and all Static Touch points)

CONNECT: - Connect the TG’s by creating multiple communication channels (through branding Material), Hand Bills, Branded canopy, Branded float and Actual Product demonstration at the Activity Location

Modus Operandi:- The Fabricated Van with In Build Product Platform for real time touch & feel of the Product was equipped with the Audio & Video aid reached to the Predefined Location as per the route Plan.

Real time Touch & feel experience of the Product along with the Audio & Video demonstration was provided to the TG’s Through the Branded Fabricated Float. All the Interested Farmers were taken to lead Zone for Lead Inquiry and provided them Discount coupon which will be redeemed at the Dealer location on purchase of kasta Pipes and Products.

Lead Generated from the Activity Location were Collated though Mobile based LMS  Application on real time basis and transfer to the Lead Conversion department .

Result: - The campaign was executed Nationally with multiple Dedicated team  in Each States  Equipped branded float along with engagement Elements .

In 9000 /villages across 128 district of Covering Pan India in 270 days. Cumulative we had covered More than 250000KM

In Kasta Gram Yatra campaign we had travelled to more than 105000 km in multiple states of India  and covered more than 180 district and reached upto  12000 villages and successfully created a communication window with more than 245000 Farmers through the Product Demonstration and one on One connect .

More than 7200 human hours was invested in the campaign which result 9000 round of engagement and collection of More than 65000 positive leads of prospect farmer and distribution of more than 25000 of the freebies and branded take Away.

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