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A division of market research and Data Analytics

In the age of Technological Advancement and Highly Volatile Markets one should always know how efficiently brand is delivering the promises to the customer and consumer s in the Target Markets

We provide insights and data related to real time User experience of Brands with the Customer or Consumer, through the mystery shopping exercise Marketers can  Calibrate their Marketing Plan and Brand Objectives on Strategic level  and Validate their Strategy on Tactical front.


•    Mystery Shopping 
•    Market research 
•    Data Analytics
​•    MSP & MRP Audit
•    Brand Awareness Audit 
•    Retail mystery Audit
•    Branding Audit Programme 
•    Quality Surveillance Programme 

•    Brand Audit 
•    Competitive Landscaping 
•    Customer Satisfaction Surveys 
•    Market Mapping Surveys 
•    New Market Development 
•    Brand Equity

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