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Rural Activation and Experiential Division of Maxima 

Think rural and Act urban is the biggest mistake marketers are doing while tapping the untapped Rural Market, there are multiple challenge at each level brand has to face while entering into the rural geography.

Only Reaching the Deep hinterland dose not suffice the objective of the Brand, but creating meaning full two ways communication between the Brand and Target Audiences in the Real time will Attenuate the desired Objective.

In last few decades, Due to technological advancement and Improvise infrastructure, rural population in matching the same wavelength as their urban counter part.

Reach, React, Recall, Reassure, Repeat

Reach: -With the technological advancement reach would not be subject matter of Meeting the rural Target Audiences in real world, but it also comprises of connecting them virtually

React: - Reciprocation by Two way communication with the Target Audience with the Brand in real and Virtual world.

Reassure: - Identification and creation of Touch points and develop Touch base in Rural through deferent level of Communication.

Repeat:  Re touch the TG’s through different mode of communication 


Rural Activation
Rural Branding
Rural Experiential Marketing Solutions
Touch Point Activation ( Haat , Mela  & Choupal )
Technology Enabled Rural Campaign
Digital Media Integrated Campaign
Farmers Connect Campaigns
Interactive Mobility Services (Call Centre and Data Management)
Rural Analytical Solution

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