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Sygenta Nursery Branding

Mega branding Camapign

Syngenta is research based global corporation catering to agri need in various categories across the geography. Syngeta is Pioneer and one of the Leading research and manufacture company providing research based Hybrid seed in the different vegetable categories in India
Syngenta Nursery mapping and branding Exercise campaign was a multistate Branding project executed in 7 State across more than 1000 Nursery at different locations across India. This campaign was executed with an objective to Map and create a Brand Identity at respective nursery were Syngenta Hybrid research seeds are used in cultivating the vegetable farming  so that other prospect  farmer can visit the Syngenta Nursery.
Geography: - (Haryana, Punjab, Gujrat, Chattisgarh, Andra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka)
To create a permanent Visibility option at the Nursery we had Installed prefabricated Permanent  Nursery Gates branded with seed brand that were used in that respective Nursery . Along with the Nursery gate we had also Installed Crop board in each flower bed of nursery of the respective crops and brands 
We had installed more than 900+ Nursery and 3000+ Crop Board across 8 States in India. 22 teams were deployed in the different state and 120 man days were utilized for Execution of the Campaign in the Approved time duration

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