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Technology Based Rural Experiential Marketing Campaign

DhaanwanKisanDhanwanKisan” is the Multibrand Activation program designed to create connect and reach of brand to the Target groups at Different rural touch points.

Through the campaign Brand reached to Media dark Villages and Geographical locations and communicated the Brand properties to the target Audiences.

Through our Campaign Theme “DhaanwaanKisaan,DhanwaanKisan” we had successfully  communicated the message to farmers that by using Limagrain Paddy Seeds (LG93.01 & LG94.02)  they can Get better and more yield in their Paddy different soils, whether condition and Irrigation facility and become more Prosperous “DhanwanKisan”.

  • Village Touch Point Activation

  • Market Touch Point Activation


We had used prefabricated reusable branding and Visibility element to gather maxima Eye ball &  Brand recall in encashment Villages.


Interaction and Engagement  with the Farmers was done through State of Art Smart Board Technology which would be inbuilt in the Caravan. All the TGs would be interacted through Interactive Smart Board projection in the caravan

Engagement of the farmers would be done by interactive Touch screen web based console.

Interactive Touch Based application would be Design based on the Brand property and USP of the Brands

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